Meet the Artist

Welcome! Thank you for visting my page. I fell in love with drawing when I was six, starting out by drawing on my teacher's blackboard with white chalk. No matter the grade, year or age, my heart was always with creating. My passion for the Arts throughout my childhood brought me to receving a degree in Fine Arts from the Tufts University-School of the Museum of Fine Arts Consortium. I later attended Lesley University to recieve my master's education in Expressive Arts Therapy. I continue to practice my love for art by creating for friends, family, and others who I know will cherish my creations.

Current Work

Nature is a part of my identity; Through my artwork I aim to capture the depth and intimacy of our relationship with floral, fauna, and environments. The pieces featured in my Current Work highlight single moments of peacefulness that lie in the natural world from the perspective of the viewer.

I offer a variety of pieces for sale, and display others that have already been sold. Please message me with any inquiries that you may have about any of the pieces.


I have been actively creating art for over 30 years; The pieces featured in Archives include portraiture, dreamscapes, wildlife, and nature.

If you see a piece you would like to discuss or purchase, send me a message using the contact form below.


I am happy to help capture a moment in time, the essence of a person or persons, something from your imagination or whatever you may have in mind.

Mediums I work with include: pencil (colored and graphite), charcoal, pastels (soft, hard and oil), watercolor, acrylic, and mixed media.

Please contact me with your request. We will discuss the details of the project including: your budget, size of piece, composition, overall tone of the portrait, and any other necessary information to hone in on the details for the respective project.